Recruitment of Lay and Registrant Members


1. Do I have to be a UK national to apply for this role? 

You must be free to remain and take up this role in the UK. 

2. Is there an upper age limit?


3. Can I become a Panel Member if I have a full-time job?


4. Can I apply for a Registrant or Lay Panel Member role if I am a no longer a practising Nurse, Nursing Associate or Midwife?


5. If I have previously been a nurse, midwife or nursing associate, but no longer practice or have retired am I eligible to apply for the Lay Member role? 

Unfortunately not. You would be ineligible for either appointment. In order to sit as a Registrant, you would need to currently be practising as a nurse, nursing associate or midwife and hold a current registration with the NMC.

As you have previously qualified and practised as a nurse, midwife or nursing associate, you are also not eligible for the Lay role. A lay member is defined as “A person who is not and never has been a registered nurse, nursing associate or midwife and does not hold a qualification that would entitle them to apply for registration under the Nursing and Midwifery Order 2001.”

6. Can I apply if I have previously been a panel member for the NMC?

A person can only serve two terms of appointment as a panel member. So you can only apply if you have previously served just one term.

7. I have previously applied for the panel member/chair role with the NMC and was appointed but resigned before finishing my first term. Can I be reappointed if I request it or do I need to complete the application process?

No, you will need to complete a new application. When a person resigns from the panel member role they are ‘removed from office’ and there is no provision for them to be automatically reinstated on request. The relevant Constitution Rule is:

9.—(1) A member shall be removed from office by the Council, if—

 (a) the member resigns, which a member may do at any time by a notice in writing to the Council.

8. I want to apply to be a registrant panel member but I am not currently on the NMC register. Should I apply to be readmitted to the register now or at the time I am appointed?

You should apply now. We are hopeful that any readmission application could be relatively quick providing they meet all the requirements.

9. I work for one of the professional representative bodies and / or in a related area of medical regulation, such as representing healthcare providers. Am I eligible to apply?

The potential for a conflicts of interest does not make you ineligible to apply.

But if you were appointed you would need to consider if you had a conflict of interest on a case by case basis before you joined a panel on a hearing.

You would also need to declare your interest in the hearing so that the parties could consider if they objected to you hearing their case.

10. Can I apply if I am bankrupt?

Bankrupt candidates are disqualified.

Discharged bankrupt candidates are eligible unless they are the subject of a bankruptcy restrictions order or an interim bankruptcy restrictions order under Schedule 4A to the Insolvency Act 1986(9) or Schedule 2A of the Insolvency (Northern Ireland) Order 1989(10) (which relate to bankruptcy restriction orders and undertakings).

11. Can I apply to be a registrant panel member if I am only registered on the temporary register created by the NMC in 2020 in response to the covid pandemic?

No. The temporary register is for the purpose of supporting the Covid-19 emergency.

The temporary register will at some-point close, meaning that those on the temporary register will no-longer be registered.

You are also ineligible to be appointed as a lay member due to Rule 1 (interpretation) of the NMC (Practice Committees) (Constitution) Rules 2008: “Non-registrant means a person who is not and never has been a registered nurse, midwife or nursing associate and does not hold a qualification that would entitle them to apply for registration under the Order”

12. I have previously served on the Practice Committee but my term ended a few years ago. Am I eligible to apply?

A person appointed as a member of a Practice Committee may be reappointed for one further term of office.

Rule 6(8) then provides that:

“No person may serve more than 2 terms of office as a member of a Practice Committee, including any term of office served prior to the coming into force of these Rules but subject to paragraph (9).”

Paragraph 9 referred to above is not relevant in this instance as it relates to individuals who were members of a Practice Committee before these Rules came into force.

In light of Rules 6(7) and 6(8), we are prohibited (by law) from allowing individuals to serve more than 2 terms of office as a member of a Practice Committee.

13. Am I eligible if I am resident outside of the United Kingdom?

Yes, but you must have the right to be able to work without restriction in the United Kingdom.

You should also note that we would not usually pay for travel from either the Isle of Man or the Channel Islands to the UK, but we would pay for accommodation within the UK.

14. What is the definition of Lay?

A person who is not and never has been a registered nurse, nursing associate or midwife and does not hold a qualification that would entitle them to apply for registration under the Nursing and Midwifery Order 2001.

15. If I have been the subject of an NMC Fitness to Practise complaint am I eligible to apply?

You will not be eligible to apply for a Registrant Panel Member Role if:

  • You do not currently hold a valid UK practising certificate;
  • You are currently suspended from the register
  • You are currently subject to a conditions of practice order;
  • You are currently subject to a caution order;
  • You have ever been struck off the register.

16. Am I eligible if I have previously been convicted of a driving offence?

We will need more information about your conviction before we could say if you are eligible.

If your conviction was in the UK, it will depend on whether the conviction is spent for the purposes of the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974.

If your conviction was outside the UK, then our Appointments Board will need to decide whether due to your conviction, your membership of a practice committee would undermine public confidence in the regulation of nurses, midwifes and nursing associates.

17. Am I eligible if a relative has a conviction or suspended sentence?

Yes. The disqualification rules do not extend to the convictions of relatives.

18. What is the yearly time commitment for those who are successful?

Panel Members will be expected to sit for a minimum of 15 days per annum.

19. How much travel is involved?

Hearings are currently taking place virtually due to Covid restrictions, but, ordinarily, travel from home to the hearing and training locations is required. Whilst a greater proportion of hearings are in London we are a four country regulator and you will be expected to travel to hearings across the UK. The pandemic will impact until restrictions lifted, but currently there is no intention to move to the NMC hearings to virtual hearings and the NMC would expect all panel members to attend in person. The NMC try to allocate hearings to panel members some months in advance (FtPC) which might help with your planning should you be successful. If you are required to travel - travel expenses will be met as will hotel accommodation costs, if an overnight stay is required.

20. Is this a fixed term appointment?

The initial appointment will be for a period of 4 years. Panel members may serve for a maximum of 2 terms, subject to meeting the required standards of performance.

21. Is the role remunerated?

Panel Members will receive a fee of £310 per day.

22. Do I need to use a computer?

Yes. The NMC conducts as much of its business as possible through electronic media. You should therefore expect, and be able, to receive information and training via the internet. Furthermore with virtual hearings likely to continue to some degree post pandemic panel members would require a good level of IT proficiency

23How much experience are you looking for?

We are seeking panel members who can demonstrate that they meet the essential competencies.

24. If I was appointed, how far in advance do I get sent the paperwork for a hearing?

We aim to give our members details of their hearings two weeks in advance and send them the papers no later than one week prior to the hearing starting.

25. Do I require any experience of working in regulation?

You do not require prior experience of working in regulation but must be able to demonstrate that you meet the essential competencies.

26. Can I speak to anyone at the NMC before making a formal application? 

Unfortunately, due to the number of applications we anticipate receiving for these roles, we are unable to arrange meetings / telephone calls with individuals prior to them making an application.

27. If I am successful at interview what happens next?  

If you are successful at interview you will be invited to 2 days training, which form part of the selection process.

We will pay for your travel and accommodation for this training but you will be not be reimbursed for your attendance.

Following successful completion of training our Appointments Board will scrutinise recommendations for appointment and Council will make final decisions on appointment at their meeting on 23 June 2021.

28.  How do I apply?

Please click here to apply ensuring you have read through the application process instructions.

Please note, this website will provide a Realistic Role Preview which you can complete prior to applying for the role. This does not form part of your application, but is designed to give you an insight into the role, which may help you decide whether it is something you are interested in and feel you can do or not.

If you have any other query which is not answered by the website, please email and we will respond to you shortly.